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Simulated OSHA site tours:
This unique behind-the-scenes facility audit is conducted by a former long-term club GM (& line employee) who has been assisting clubs with OSHA compliance for 25 years.  This audit while helping to raise your safety awareness will also offer guidance on applicable OSHA concerns.

It is a unique safety site assessment that provides operational safety insights coupled with potential shortcomings involving OSHA compliance. A question for you: Has your insurance company ever informed you what is necessary to comply with OSHA?

While on-site, we will review your existing safety and health programs.  We will tour all your facilities from the clubhouse to the grounds, pool to the cart barn, rooftops to basements, offices to maintenance, and look at all club operations including fitness, tennis, and golf.  (Past Clubs include Golf, City/Athletic, Beach, Gun, Hunting, Ski & others.)

A written report with the findings and recommendations will follow.  Time on site varies.

Crisis Management:
A planning exercise exclusively for your Club. We will delve into crisis scenarios that may occur in city, country, and/or yacht clubs. Executive staff members will develop response plans through a participative session. They will have the opportunity to discuss and then share how they would deal with various situations. Considerations will involve team building, necessary equipment, and who is / will be responsible for communications.

Free Checkup:
Health and Safety Policy Assessment Form is provided to determine what practices and policies may be needed at your operation. Multiple copies can be distributed to line supervisors.
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Emergency Action Plan:
Proposed is to work with your executive/safety team to consolidate all plans into one as well as incorporate any other best practices including drill and roll call procedures.

Available Written OSHA Policies (as needed)
Hazard Communication, Respiratory Protection, Blood Borne Pathogens, Personal Protective Equipment, Lockout Tagout, Hearing Conservation and Emergency Action Plan.

Employee Safety Training
(Hazard Communication & Blood Borne Pathogens – 2 of the most cited OSHA standards at Clubs) A full day of numerous sessions to train all your employees.  English and Spanish training videos along with club-specific insights will be shared.  A Spanish-speaking translator may be needed.

Active Shooter Training:
Once we have established and practiced your emergency action procedures we can delve deeper into this topic.

OSHA General Industry:
Training includes a non-expiring OSHA-approved certification card – We can take your safety team and all safety programs to the next level. This training can be done over two or three days. (2 – 5 hour sessions or 4 hour, 3 hour, and 3 hour sessions.)

Security Audit:
A review of recent incidents coupled with potential events. Discussions will include your camera system(s); a perimeter audit, penetration tests, staff responses to flash mobs, and crime statistics from your local police department. We have partnered with a retired police officer and a security camera consultant who have extensive club knowledge.

CODE RULE 59 Consultation Service:
The consultation process involves an opening conference, a closing conference, and a consultation report. A remediation period follows during which you have to enact the recommendations made by the consultant. The Code Rule 59 statute includes a detailed timeline that says when each step of the process should be completed. You must remedy any safety deficiencies noted in the consultant’s report, and institute and maintain an effective loss prevention program.

Punch list Construction Audits:
Do you assume that all the contractors properly do/did their jobs? Might corners have been cut? Is it possible that the blueprint design did not have a required guardrail? Achatz tours the newly renovated areas and shares insights on what was missed so the facilities are properly completed before the contractors have been paid and are long gone.

Blueprint Review Services:
Did the architect/design group ensure the inclusion of the required safety equipment? The blueprint review service will help to ensure that all required and recommended safety equipment is included. Other insights and design enhancements will also be shared.

Safety by Immersion – A combination of services.

  • Day 1, we can start with a simulated OSHA site tour to determine what behind-the-scenes concerns are evident.

  • Day 2, we will work with your safety team or those who will be your safety champions to develop/enhance your emergency action plan procedures.

  • Day 3 will be for safety training.  We can rotate various staff members and departments through the required annual training for the Hazard Communication Standard, Blood Borne Pathogens, and other potential required training. For example Lockout / Tagout.


Spanish video training can also be shared: a translator will be needed for questions/feedback.

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