Crisis Management

The attendees will be allowed 10 Minutes to Plan and Prepare for a Catastrophe.  Various scenarios ...

Emergency Action Plan

You and your team will collectively address specific club issues and potential regional cataclysmic concerns....

OSHA Update
What should you be doing?... Newer and current regulations affecting clubs will be shared...

Workplace Violence

...and /or Active Shooter. Have you ever discussed any of the potential concerns? … you definitely have to open the dialogue!...

OSHA Compliance

  • How and Why OSHA Shows 
  • Hazard Communication 
  • Blood Borne Pathogens
  • ​Plus more...

Facility Maintenance

How to plan for a safe and sound club operation...

Ground Department

... Safety Concerns. What can and has gone wrong in the Ground Department?... 


OSHA Outreach Training

Raise your compliance and safety awareness resulting in the issuance of an OSHA General Industry Training card..

OSHA ​Education

CMAA Chapter

An introduction to OSHA
OSHA Introduction includes the Inspection Process, Citations & Penalties. How and why OSHA visits a business? What is the appeal process after they visit? What are the fines for non-compliance?

The Hazard Communication Standard & Safety Data Sheets
A portion of the required annual training you must provide your employees. Is your policy in place and have you ever taken such a simple approach on how to read a SDS?

Blood Borne Pathogens
Another of the required annual OSHA employee training requirements. Do you know what should be done to clean up any bodily fluids? Do you have your plan in place and your employees trained?

OSHA Recordables
A favorite module for all comptrollers and a stimulating session that gets everyone involved. The OSHA 300/300A logs have to be maintained and retained for 5 years. The OSHA 300 and 300A forms are the first documents that OSHA requests if they arrive at your operation.

Emergency Action Plans
What are the components of a plan? Are you ready for any of the potential disasters/ accidents that can befall your operation? Have you ever tested your alarm system? Conducted a fire drill? Ever been confronted by a potential life-threatening situation. This session will delve into many of the particulars.

The Revised Respiratory Standard
Are your certified pesticide applicators wearing respirators? Is your maintenance staff using paint spraying apparatus? Have they completed the required medical questionnaire and received medical certification stating they are able to wear a respirator? A great session for the grounds crew.

Lockout/Tagout Policy
Have you even heard of this policy that is so vital to the lives of your employees? Alan recounts a personal story from the club environment. Lockout / Tagout deals with stored energy and the de-energizing of electrical, hydraulic, air, springs and other systems.

Personal Protection Equipment
Are you providing the proper equipment that your staff needs to do their job safely? Are you aware of the eye, face, head and foot requirements of the OSH Act?

Walking and Working Surfaces
Your insurance company (or perhaps even your Fire Marshall) is always reminding you to keep the walkways clear. The OSHA standards deal with much more than just aisle ways. Are you interested in knowing about elevated platforms loading docks, guarding manholes…?

OSHA General Industry 10 or 30 hour Certificate
Are you interested in receiving a non-expiring OSHA 10 or 30 hour training certificate?  These education sessions are presented according to OSHA requirements with real life stories added in.  

Education Offerings